Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Episode 116 -- 3rd annual Birthday Blast!

It's the 3rd annual birthday blast!

Join your hosts as they surround themselves by a host of friends in this extra large episode of the Don't Panic Radio show!.  That's right, Uncle Karl, Dee, Mrs. Dee, and Steve's Lovely Bride are back to help Steve and Paul celebrate their birthdays.  Listen as the Dysfunctional Duo look back on their days as Holy Rollin' Sonsabitches, try to get their Brat Pack movies straight, and debate the differences between a good old fashioned handjob, and a mechanical one.  Also in this episode, we ask the poignant questions: How many Jedi are there really?  How does Trump assert his manhood?  If your ex-girlfriend writes a tell-all book, do you really want to be in it?  And, the Facebook Question of the Week!  This time around, the FBQotW was on Facebook Live, so if you tuned into that, tune into this episode to see if we used your answer!

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