Friday, April 13, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 159--What Is the Problem With Comics?!

This week, your hosts discuss last week, more specifically, the Don't Panic Radio Show live birthday show.  Steve and Paul also review MP Cavalier's single "The Blue Girl," Steve attempts his Transcontinental Railroad/smart phone analogy once again.  How do editing mishaps make the show better?  What the hell is a Luddibomber?  And what's going on with Pateron? 
In the second half of the show, Paul tells the story behind the story of his mom phoning in on last week's recording, Steve tries to "get" comics, which turns into Dr. Manhattan vs. the Starchild, and a second attempt at the new segment, #whatsonthepage.
All this nonsense and much more.​

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DP E159--What Is The Problem With Comics?!

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 158--2018 Birthday Blowout!

MP Cavalier, Uncle Karl, The Lovely Constance, and a little scotch. What more could you want? Surrrounded by their friends, Paul and Steve celebrate their birthdays by making a DP with their friends and family. They did it live and then Paul spent 5 days bleeding and sweating to bring you this kickass episode. Get ready to ignore the news.
This week we debut the new hit single, Blue Girl, from MP Cavalier.

Also available on YouTube!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 157--How to Survive the Future!

Who will save us from ourselves? Self-driving cars? Necessity? Black Lighting? Tune in and find out. Also this episode, Steve and Paul announce upcoming plans for their Indiana Comicon Don't Panic After Party Birthday Blowout! Sure there's more on this episode, but revealing would be telling. Besides, there should be some surprises in life, right?

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 156--The Lives of Pie!

From Peter Frampton, to Humble Pie, to Pi Day, don't ask us how this show happens.  Like Killdozer, it goes where it wants to.  From Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time, to Paul's brief history of God, this one has it all.  Also this week, Steve discusses his family's pilgrimage from Alabama, to Michigan.  Well almost Michigan, anyway.  The baton has been passed; Paul introduced his son to Pootie Tang, Steve wants to know why there are never any ghosts on the news, and Irresponsible Headline Interpretations are back once again.  Rounding out this episode, smoking the Bible, the work ethic of kids today, and Black Lighting!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 154--Disorganized Labor!

Softcore History: Cesar Chavez. 
Not to be confused with Che Guevera. 
Sebastian says, "My mermaids better have my money!" 
How to survive a child's birthday party (if not pick-up time).
Steve's friend Anna leaves us a voicemail about Steve's underage accountant and his pre-op transgenderism. 
How to find your people. And contribute! 
And finally, after all these years: Why it is Pointless to Panic...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 153--Fear Black Panther!

Kids' birthday parties
Clean drunk, party sober
Black Panther preview (and the thing Steve hates about Black Panther)
Black Lightning is blacker than Black Panther
Why bother learning history?
Why did white Europeans and Asians do so much better than Africans and Indians?
Why are white people afraid to become the minority in America?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 152--Powerful (but weird) Families!

DP E152--Powerful (but weird) Familes!

In a gripping tale of love and tragedy, the next installment of Softcore History celebrates everyone's favorite fake Hallmark Saint. After the break, the guys catch up on Black Lightning with an epic two-episode review. That's it. Quality content for the best audience on the planet.