Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 163--Afrophilia & Luke Cage

DP E163--Afrophilia & Luke Cage

This week, your hosts discuss Steve's latest podcast project, The Life Science Effect, and Paul convinces Steve to check out Luke Cage. Along the way, Steve oversleeps, gets recombobulated, and becomes the unofficial American ambassador to Scotland. At least he should be. Also, scheduling poops, hand jobs, why gays got it good, and afrophilia. Yep, it's one of those episodes. This week's music: Cubic--Unt (

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DP E163--Afrophilia & Luke Cage!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 162--To Infinity War...And beyond!

This week, hosts Steve Vinson and Paul Schultz discuss "vague-booking."  What happens when it doesn't yield the desired response?  Also this week: A new segment, Tales From the Dad Side, as well as a listener challenge.  Flying ants, and orange ladybugs, and damn Democrats, oh my!  Meth Mice!  Paul relates his experience with Avengers: Infinity War, and attempts to explain comics to Steve.  Again.  Mike Pence reviews Hamilton!  All this and more!

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DP E162--To Infinity War...And Beyond!

This week's music courtesy of:
Lee Rosevere--What's Behind the Door? (
Alien Dream--Alien Warp (

Monday, April 30, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 161--Avengers Infinity War!

Yes, you, too can be a YouTube Guru. Say that three times fast! Better yet, shave your head and grow a beard. Put on some flowie shirts and say things that we've all been hearing for decades about the non-linear nature of time and bullshit like that. Instant Guru. Also this week, how to properly take care of your feet, and how to properly pleasure yourself using The Avengers: Infinity War. All this and headlines, #whatsonthepage, and World War Z! Do you know where your washing machine is?

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 160--Black Lightning Series Finale!

Look whose back! Yes, they took a couple weeks off but now they're back and as great as ever! This week: Soft Core History: What do you do when you get back to the world? Start a shrimp company? Not this grunt. Season finale of Black Lightning! A particular William Wright gives the guys a Worlds of Mebar update. All this and more!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 159--What Is the Problem With Comics?!

This week, your hosts discuss last week, more specifically, the Don't Panic Radio Show live birthday show.  Steve and Paul also review MP Cavalier's single "The Blue Girl," Steve attempts his Transcontinental Railroad/smart phone analogy once again.  How do editing mishaps make the show better?  What the hell is a Luddibomber?  And what's going on with Pateron? 
In the second half of the show, Paul tells the story behind the story of his mom phoning in on last week's recording, Steve tries to "get" comics, which turns into Dr. Manhattan vs. the Starchild, and a second attempt at the new segment, #whatsonthepage.
All this nonsense and much more.​

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DP E159--What Is The Problem With Comics?!

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 158--2018 Birthday Blowout!

MP Cavalier, Uncle Karl, The Lovely Constance, and a little scotch. What more could you want? Surrrounded by their friends, Paul and Steve celebrate their birthdays by making a DP with their friends and family. They did it live and then Paul spent 5 days bleeding and sweating to bring you this kickass episode. Get ready to ignore the news.
This week we debut the new hit single, Blue Girl, from MP Cavalier.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Don't Panic Radio Show Episode 157--How to Survive the Future!

Who will save us from ourselves? Self-driving cars? Necessity? Black Lighting? Tune in and find out. Also this episode, Steve and Paul announce upcoming plans for their Indiana Comicon Don't Panic After Party Birthday Blowout! Sure there's more on this episode, but revealing would be telling. Besides, there should be some surprises in life, right?