Sunday, February 19, 2017

Episode 108 -- Don't Panic About The Oscars!

Episode 108 -- And the Worst Movie of All Time Award Goes To...

Worst Movie of All Time? Go! The Academy Awards are coming up and this is how Paul and Steve rock an Oscar Special. This is your 2017 Oscar pre-party. Hear who the nominees are. Hear Paul and Steve's picks. Find out why Paul hated Arrival and Steve thought it was okay. Also hear why Steve is picking Moonlight and Hidden Figures to win big this year. And MOST IMPORTANTLY: Hear whether you made the cut with your Worst Movie of All Time entry. Listen. Laugh. Think. Share. Repeat.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Episode 107 -- Don't Panic about Hackronyms!

Episode 107 -- Don't Panic About Hackronyms!

Steve and Paul are sick of Hackronyms. Acronyms that hacks use just to seem smarter. Actually, Steve and Paul are sick of people who use Hackronyms. STEM set Steve off on a "what's wrong with education" rant. As a result, the Question of the Day was "Favorite movie about school? Go!"