Sunday, March 12, 2017

Episode 110 -- Don't Panic About Childhood!

Favorite childhood toys.  We all had them.  On this week's episode, Steve and Paul ask their Facebook friends what were their favorite toys from childhood?  Also in this episode, Paul finally tells Steve about the girl-on-girl pillow fight he missed, and reveals his brief, happy childhood.  Your humble hosts discuss childhood boredom, Legos, trying to fit tents back in the box, running (Why would anybody do it?), and today's headlines.  Are nude pics a big deal?  What do Hitler and George W. Bush have in common?   How do you write a best seller?  Is America experiencing a Refractory Period?  The answers may surprise you!

Follow the link below, and above all else, don't panic!

Episode 110! The Refractory Period!

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